Vote Yes: The Americans Want To Work Act

Read about the bill. The Americans Want to Work Act provides incentives for businesses to hire and it provides a bridge for job seekers, by:

  • Creating an additional tier of benefits for those who have exhausted their unemployment insurance;
  • Extending the successful HIRE Act payroll tax exemption through the end of 2011;
  • Doubling the general business tax credit to encourage businesses to hire the hardest hit Americans.


As of 8/13/2010, the Americans Want To Work Act has one sponsor and nine11 co-sponsors. The goal is a filibuster-proof 60 yes votes.

Quoting from "EspiritE"

Bill Status for the 99ers “American Want to Work Act – S.3706” I spoke to Nancy Pelosi’s & Harry Reid’s offices as many of you are aware the bill was introduced last week by Senate Stabenow and supporters of the bill last week. At this point it’s tracked to go through some of the regular bill processes as in routing to the Congressional Budget Officer a.k.a. CBO & the Taxation Committee simultaneously and then continue through the legislative process debate, vote, pass, and sign. At this point no one is anticipating this occurring during the recess, but continue the calls.

Here's how you can help:

  • Look up your Senators' names and your state's unemployment rates. Scroll back up here when you're ready.
  • Be pleasant and polite. Please and thank you.
  • Phone the United States Capitol switchboard at 1 (202) 224-3121, and ask the switchboard operator to connect you to your Senator's office.
  • Introduce yourself: "Hi, I'm..." and tell the person you're talking to where you're from. A phone call from a constituent carries much more weight than a call from out of state.
  • Express your concerns about your state's unemployment rate.
  • Tell the person you're speaking to that the job numbers just don't add up: the latest reports show that there are 4.3 million job openings1 for 14.6 million unemployed people2.
  • The number you're most concerned about: there are at least 1.4 million workers who have been unemployed for at least 99 weeks. When Congress authorized additional support for the unemployed, they didn't do so for the 99ers.
  • Senator Stabenow's bill, S.3706, can help the 99ers.
  • Ask the person you're talking to if the Senator will co-sponsor S.3706, the Americans Want to Work Act.
  • If they will, great!
  • If the Senator's office says no, please ask why, then thank them for their time.
  • Whether the Senator is a yes or a no, get in contact with me and let me know. I'll update the list.

Other Ways To Help

  • Spread the word - tweet this to your friends and followers: ask your Senator to support Senator Stabenow's legislation - the Americans Want To Work Act - #p2 #tcot #99ers
  • Track the bill's progress on GovTrack or Thomas
  • Write to your Senators - each of them has a contact form on their website. Here's the note I sent to mine:
    Dear Senator Gillibrand,

    Unemployed New Yorkers need your voice.

    Recent statistics from the Labor Department show that there are at least four unemployed workers for every job opening - an unsustainable situation for those who have lost careers, life and retirement savings, and perhaps even the roof over their heads.

    Senator Stabenow has introduced S.3706, the Americans Want To Work Act, which will help the 99ers - New Yorkers who have used up the current tiers of unemployment benefits - by giving businesses incentives to hire the unemployed, as well as to create a fifth tier of benefits.

    Senator Schumer is a co-sponsor of the bill.

    Will you please add your name as a co-sponsor, and will you vote yes to S.3706?

    Thank you,


Senators, Unemployment Rates and Vote Status

StateNamePartyUnemploymentBill Status
AlabamaRichard ShelbyRepublican10.3 
 Jeff SessionsRepublican  
AlaskaLisa MurkowskiRepublican7.9 
 Mark BegichDemocratic  
ArizonaJohn McCainRepublican9.6 
 Jon KylRepublican  
ArkansasBlanche LincolnDemocratic7.5 
 Mark PryorDemocratic  
CaliforniaDianne FeinsteinDemocratic12.3 
 Barbara BoxerDemocratic  
ColoradoMark UdallDemocratic8.0 
 Michael BennetDemocratic  
ConnecticutChris DoddDemocratic8.8Co-sponsor
 Joe LiebermanIndependent Democratic  
DelawareTom CarperDemocratic8.5 
 Ted KaufmanDemocratic  
FloridaBill NelsonDemocratic11.4 
 George LeMieuxRepublican  
GeorgiaSaxby ChamblissRepublican10.0 
 Johnny IsaksonRepublican  
HawaiiDaniel InouyeDemocratic6.3 
 Daniel AkakaDemocratic  
IdahoMike CrapoRepublican8.8 
 Jim RischRepublican  
IllinoisDick DurbinDemocratic10.4Co-sponsor
 Roland BurrisDemocratic  
IndianaRichard LugarRepublican10.1 
 Evan BayhDemocratic  
IowaChuck GrassleyRepublican6.8 
 Tom HarkinDemocratic  
KansasSam BrownbackRepublican6.5 
 Pat RobertsRepublican  
KentuckyMitch McConnellRepublican10.0 
 Jim BunningRepublican  
LouisianaMary LandrieuDemocratic7.0 
 David VitterRepublican  
MaineOlympia SnoweRepublican8.0 
 Susan CollinsRepublican  
MarylandBarbara MikulskiDemocratic7.1 
 Ben CardinDemocratic  
MassachusettsJohn KerryDemocratic9.0 
 Scott BrownRepublican  
MichiganCarl LevinDemocratic13.2Co-sponsor
 Debbie StabenowDemocratic Sponsor
MinnesotaAmy KlobucharDemocratic6.8 
 Al FrankenDemocratic  
MississippiThad CochranRepublican11.0 
 Roger WickerRepublican  
MissouriKit BondRepublican9.1 
 Claire McCaskillDemocratic  
MontanaMax BaucusDemocratic7.3 
 Jon TesterDemocratic  
NebraskaBen NelsonDemocratic4.8 
 Mike JohannsRepublican  
NevadaHarry ReidDemocratic14.2Co-sponsor
 John EnsignRepublican  
New HampshireJudd GreggRepublican5.9 
 Jeanne ShaheenDemocratic  
New JerseyFrank LautenbergDemocratic9.6Co-sponsor
 Bob MenendezDemocratic  
New MexicoJeff BingamanDemocratic8.2 
 Tom UdallDemocratic  
New YorkChuck SchumerDemocratic8.2Co-sponsor
 Kirsten GillibrandDemocratic yesCo-sponsor
North CarolinaRichard BurrRepublican10.0 
 Kay HaganDemocratic  
North DakotaKent ConradDemocratic-NPL3.6 
 Byron DorganDemocratic-NPL  
OhioGeorge VoinovichRepublican10.5 
 Sherrod BrownDemocratic Co-sponsor
OklahomaJim InhofeRepublican6.8 
 Tom CoburnRepublican  
OregonRon WydenDemocratic10.5 
 Jeff MerkleyDemocratic  
PennsylvaniaArlen SpecterDemocratic9.2 
 Bob Casey, Jr.Democratic Co-sponsor
Rhode IslandJack ReedDemocratic12.0Co-sponsor
 Sheldon WhitehouseDemocratic Co-sponsor
South CarolinaLindsey GrahamRepublican10.7 
 Jim DeMintRepublican  
South DakotaTim JohnsonDemocratic4.5 
 John ThuneRepublican  
TennesseeLamar AlexanderRepublican10.1 
 Bob CorkerRepublican  
TexasKay Bailey HutchisonRepublican8.2 
 John CornynRepublican  
UtahOrrin HatchRepublican7.2 
 Robert Foster BennettRepublican  
VermontPatrick LeahyDemocratic6.0 
 Bernie SandersIndependent  
VirginiaJim WebbDemocratic7.0 
 Mark WarnerDemocratic  
WashingtonPatty MurrayDemocratic8.9 
 Maria CantwellDemocratic  
West VirginiaJay RockefellerDemocratic8.5 
 Carte GoodwinDemocratic  
WisconsinHerb KohlDemocratic7.9 
 Russ FeingoldDemocratic  
WyomingMike EnziRepublican6.8 
 John BarrassoRepublican  

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  2. Employment Situation Summary -
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