Time To Put Our Heads Together

Now that we've been energized by the One Nation March, it's time to talk about what's next.

For us as 99ers, there are decisions to consider: stay home? Vote? For who?

There's strategy to consider: S. 3706 isn't dead, but it is still in committee - how do we get it back onto the Senate floor for a vote?

And then, there's the calendar: November 30th is the last day for emergency unemployment compensation for people who still receive that benefit. Come December 1, those people may, unfortunately, be joining our ranks.

Here's an open thread - let's put our heads together and put some good ideas on the table.


  1. What we can do is:
    #1 VOTE for the only party who MIGHT do something for us.
    #2 Ask the candidates for re-election if they are willing to commit to helping 99ers ASAP
    #3 Keep writing, calling, faxing your own state's Senators and asking them to support S3706


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