Ask The White House: Question 6 (Long Term Unemployment)

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In response to a call by to submit questions to the White House, Janet Ritz, editor and published of The Environmentalist, posted this question:

The White House has avoided using the term 99ers. Why? There are millions who've lost their jobs and have exhausted benefits through no fault of their own. How can the economy ever come back if 99ers, many middle-aged middle-class, are kicked farther under the bus. Ads say: no unemployed need apply. Age discrimination is rampant and obvious. Mortgage companies will not modify for the unemployed. Even if you get the economy going, how many millions will be forced into poverty that would otherwise be the bulwark of democracy if they were helped now?


  1. It is a shame to deal with the wealthy tax cuts and not deal with ALL Unemployed 35 weeks, 43, weeks, 56 weeks , 73 weeks or 99 weeks exhausted. These few millions that will get unemployment extention we will push these people who have been in the full length of this reccession we are going to push them under a bus. The president is wrong to do this he says one thing but cuts a deal for the rich for tax breaks and only a few new unemployed is wrong. We have milions and millions who have exhausted their unemployment in a still bad recession.


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