GOP: 143, Unemployed: 0.

Today's vote on extending unemployment benefits should have surprised no one.

Representative Jim McDermott (D-WA) introduced H. R. 6419, the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Continuation Act, to provide a 90-day extension of emergency unemployment benefits. Without an extension, roughly two million people will lose this lifeline.

The bill was introduced under suspension of the rules, a process Congress uses "to dispose of non-controversial measures expeditiously."

We've seen, though, that there's very little the GOP will consider non-controversial. You might remember Rep. Anthony's Weiner's floor speech during a similar non-controversial vote to provide health care benefits for the first responders to arrive at Ground Zero on September 11th. That measure failed the first time around, 255-159, with 4 Democrats joining 155 Republicans voting no.

Today's vote? 258-154. 275 votes were needed to suspend the rules. Eleven Democrats joined 143 Republicans who voted no.

Let's see how many of those 143 Republicans will turn around and vote yes for tax cuts for the rich.


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