Unemployed Suffer Another Setback

Jeanne Reinman, who is about to lose her unemployment benefits, discusses the GOP's decision to kill the extension on unemployment benefits.


  1. The fiscally responsible republicans don't have problem adding $700 billion of unfunded tax cuts for th wealthy (or $70 billion just for one year of extended tax rates) - but for the middle class professionals - who have never asked for a dime, worked hard and paid taxes all of their lives - minimal, temporary assistance must be paid for?! The Republicans are not only arrogant hypocrites, they are ignorant and keep proving that fact daily - if people would just pay attention, they'd get the message.

    Example: Betsy Markey voted against UI extensions FOUR times; now that she and her staff are headed to the unemployment lines, she voted in favor of extending UI benefits yesterday. Hypocrit. She was Republican in disguise - and now she wants to vote with the Dems to help the unemployed? Enough said.

    Denver Unemployment Examiner http://www.examiner.com/unemployment-in-denver/now-betsy-markey-decides-to-vote-favor-of-extending-unemployment-benefits


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