Thursday, November 18, 2010

Unemployed Suffer Another Setback

Jeanne Reinman, who is about to lose her unemployment benefits, discusses the GOP's decision to kill the extension on unemployment benefits.

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  1. The fiscally responsible republicans don't have problem adding $700 billion of unfunded tax cuts for th wealthy (or $70 billion just for one year of extended tax rates) - but for the middle class professionals - who have never asked for a dime, worked hard and paid taxes all of their lives - minimal, temporary assistance must be paid for?! The Republicans are not only arrogant hypocrites, they are ignorant and keep proving that fact daily - if people would just pay attention, they'd get the message.

    Example: Betsy Markey voted against UI extensions FOUR times; now that she and her staff are headed to the unemployment lines, she voted in favor of extending UI benefits yesterday. Hypocrit. She was Republican in disguise - and now she wants to vote with the Dems to help the unemployed? Enough said.

    Denver Unemployment Examiner