After 99 Weeks, Then What?

Reporting on the 99ers from the St. Louis Beacon:

Until the economy begins adding jobs, Rosen believes that the nation needs to provide for its jobless. While the current legislation reinstates 99 weeks of benefits for about 2 million Americans, he warns that they, too, will eventually become 99ers if they don't find work.

"If we pass unemployment insurance to 99ers, everybody says, 'What will it do to the deficit? And what's going to happen to our children's and our grandchildren's future?' That's a good question. But in a lot of instances the future is now for a lot of Americans," Rosen said.

Rosen said the real goal is to save the U.S. economy.

"Obviously the end goal is to get all of America back to work," he said. "Nobody wants to sit home on the couch. Those who are unemployed who are still fortunate enough to be receiving an unemployment insurance check they don't want to sit home and receive a check that is only a fraction of what they used to make when they were out in the working world."


  1. Oh My Gosh its really scary to think that with all the Money handed out to banks alone that this money (unemployment check) is actually helping people and the economy BUT IT IS..
    Unlike the Banks that still are messing up the
    economy with home loans and mods.and were given a lot more money then all of us will see.. With benefits.
    people can pay bills buy things... by the way these itemS usually have tax attached to them .. keep stores going save some homes from going under
    keeping a roof over our children s and Grand children s heads NOW.. If you stop these checks
    our children and grand children may not have a future to even go into because most will be on the streets with no place to go. Look how long we kept funding the war? I'm just saying what are we protecting here we are just making a mess.. we need to help each other before we can help others... and these check are helping
    us if they are cut you just watch the turmoil it will create. Yea Rosen I'm with you

  2. Most of the fortunate people still working don't really mind paying higher taxes to help the unemployed and that includes the 99er's. Most of us working do not begrudge thoes unfortunate ones that have lost their jobs while the Administration banged away at the Health Care Plan. They spent 100 days on the Plan while millions continued to lose their jobs, now if the would have not worried about that and worried more about jobs and the workers losing their jobs, we would not be here today. Through no fault of their own, they are unemployed and need help, and deserve that help. This kind of situation puts husbands/wives/children and pets out in the street. I really can't stand to watch it, give the unemployed their benefits until the economy turns around. And by the way, where is the money coming from to pay the pensions? That money doesn't exist either, think of it as a pension for the unemployed, another plan that is unfunded. The unemployed was working before they lost their jobs. Now think why this really happened????? MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.


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