Crew of 42: Rep. Bobby Scott: 99ers Want Work, Need Assistance

Courtesy of Lauren Burke at Crew of 42, an interview with Rep. Bobby Scott on the need for a bill to help the 99ers:


  1. I was laid off Nov 2008 - 2yrs ago (99 Group), I couldn't find a job so I went to school for revamping my resume, still no job. I spent all my savings, sold all I had, bartered for a mobile home w/ trading all my jewelry - lost MH due to scam. I moved onto a remote area (snows here), with my two little dogs into an abandoned house that was gutted, broken out windows, no running water, no sanitation..... now I have to lose all means to find a job - phone, car insurance, car gas, any means to heat the one room I stay safe in. PLEASE HELP!

  2. I am one of the 99ers. I took the only job that I have been offered in nearly three years. Unfortunately, it's part-time and does not pay enough for even the most frugal person to live on.

    A fifth tier of unemployment wouldn't be enough to help. We need to bring all of those outsourced jobs back to the US, and we need to put an immediate end to the H-1b visa program.

    The Obamacare was a step in the WRONG direction; anything that increases costs for employers in the US has resulted in draining our jobs overseas.

    More here:

    Who are the 99ers?

  3. This is an emergency. 99ers need help NOW. Republicans will never budge to help us unless its payed for. Republican Scott Brown came up with a way to pay for it. If Bobby Scott and Barbara Lee really want to help us, take him up on that. 99ers are in no condition for both sides to be fighting over principal. Do what ever it takes. If not, I'm beginning to think you guys are playing off of our desperation and trying to get future votes. Stop the political BULL CRAP and help us.

  4. Republicans can care less if we starve in the street, and the only way they WILL help us 99ers is if its payed for. Many have come up with solutions, but democrats are fighting for principal. I hate republicans, but its time for democrats to take them up on this. We as 99ers don't have the time for an argument over principles. We've lost everything, after working our whole lives, and the next step is homelessness and death, and half are already homeless. So stop the grand standing and do something!!!!

  5. Okay I agree...but for the record its "paid" not "payed"


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