Crew of 42 Reports: New Bill Introduced To Help 99ers

Lauren Burke at Crew of 42 and Daily Kos is reporting news of a new bill, H. R. 6556, that's been written to help the 99ers.

As reported, the bill will provide 14 additional weeks of emergency unemployment compensation in Tier I.

Quoting from Crew of 42:

This additional benefit will be available for those who have exhausted all their benefits (99ers and other exhaustees) as well as those who will be unemployed this year.

This expansion is similar to the expansion in Nov. 2009 which provided an additional week of benefits to Tier II.

Adding these extra weeks in Tier I makes them available for all chronically unemployed and not only those currently collecting unemployment benefits from a "high unemployment state."


  1. Does anyone have any idea then this new bill will be addressed or how long the process of passing the bill will take so that thee "99ers" get some help?

  2. I'm out of benefits what do I do now?? Find a homeless shelter??


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