It Shouldn't Have To Be This Way

Another must-read from Steve Benen:

...It's maddening because, as the jobs crisis fails to get better, one might think policymakers would see developments and say, "Hmm, maybe we ought to do something."

But they won't because they can't. Conceivably, a massive stimulus - focused on infrastructure, among other things - could come up in Congress, but nervous House Dems wouldn't want to vote for it, and it'd never overcome a Republican filibuster in the Senate. Best of all, conservatives have done a masterful job at rigging the game - Americans have been convinced over the last 22 months that the most effective policies happen to be the worst. Taking steps to improve a struggling economy, ironically enough, has become wildly unpopular, making worthwhile ideas so far off the table, they're not even brought up.

It's reached the point at which Republicans proudly block extended jobless benefits, with an unemployment rate near 10%, because they assume they'll face no political punishment whatsoever. And they're right.


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