A Response to @GrassrootTroopr - Part I

In response to a recent tweet, I had an interesting, sometimes challenging, sometimes frustrating conversation with a right-wing tweeter named @GrassrootTroopr (@GT). I've copied the tweets here and drafted a more comprehensive rebuttal to his assertions in part two.

@H9: "Only in the US Senate would a 59-1 vote in favor of a bill fail. #p2 #tcot"

@GT: "My recommendation to those in the Senate would be to make necessary changes to whatever bill it is, so that cloture can be achieved. What say you?"

@H9: "This is what that process looks like today: http://twitpic.com/3di8vo"

@GT: "Yeah, it was that way on taking over car companies, nationalizing student loans, nationalizing banks & healthcare. NOT! Obama rammed it thru."

@H9: Let's not spin, please. "Taking over" GM? Even the Economist apologized for criticizing: http://econ.st/fv8Vlm

"Nationalizing student loans?" The government was the one backing the loans. All the banks did was administer and collect a middleman fee.

"Nationalizing healthcare"? Please. The private insurance companies aren't going away.

@GT: "Surely you're not that naive? Would you like me to link you to the Youtube video(s) of libs (like you, I suspect) admitting single payer is the goal?"

"What percentage of GM do the taxpayers own? Answer me that. hmmmm Who fired Rick Wagonner & gave equity in GM to Ron Gettlefinger? hmm"

"Backing the loans is irrelevant. That's the system with a central bank...DUH! I don't like the federal government deciding WHO gets loans & WHO doesnt"

"If you're this woefully ignorant, it's not hard to understand why you've been unemployed for 2 years & are content to be jobless for another year."

@H9: "'Lots of libs' are not the Obama Administration. Or have you overlooked the tension between the left and the President during HCR?"

"Who saved an auto industry?"

"Irrelevant? It's the government taking the risk, not the banks. You really need better arguments than that."

"Like I said, save your spin. Engage with facts. You can make better arguments than these."

@GT: "The Obama admin is LOADED w/ leftists like John Podesta. Yeah the leftist nutjobs wanted single payer, Obamas people said don't swing for the fence!"

"Ummm...nobody? It is far from being saved.....yet. Don't tell me you think GM and Chrysler are out of the woods? LOL!"

"You're quick on mindless drone talking points but terrible at answering questions. Do you want the video or not? Obama admitting single payer."

@H9: "Is there a single-payer provision in the PPACA? No. So please let's stop arguing what-ifs."

@GT: "Its a central bank system you stupid fuck! The government BACKS ALL LOANS in such a system. What is your IQ man???? Did you not know that?"

@H9: "Largest IPO in the nation's history. Record profits, and you're still crying doom?"

@GT: "HAHAHAHA! That IPO is a joke. Hasn't come CLOSE to making money for the taxpayer. It has to get to over 100 a share for us to come out OK."

"The only reason they sold ANY shares is because foreigners are moving in to take over the US auto industry. And the federal government gave GM a tax break."

@H9: "You're showing your ignorance. The government does not back "all" loans."

@GT: "Single payer is the goal? If you don't watch the video of Obama and his leftist ilk admitting the true intent, I'll be convinced you're a coward"

@H9: "And lose the "stupid fuck" responses. I have no desire to engage assholes. Don't be one."

@GT: "Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Russ Feingold, Tom Harkin, Obama & others have all admitted Obamacare sets the stage for singlepayer"

@H9: "Obama gave away single payer during the negotiations. It never made it into the bill. Or are you saying they snuck it in somehow?"

"'Giving everyone a pony' might be a goal, too. If there's no legislation to back it up, there's no pony."

@GT: "You are so disconnected from reality it is astounding. Wake yourself up by seeking out some actual information on what is going on."

"I'm trying to get thru to you. If you're being a stupid fuck, I'm going to call you one!"

"Yes it does. Who do you think the central bank is? DUH! What's your IQ btw?"

"You're not listening. Truth is scary to a coward. You won't face reality. I'm done."

"I'm not an unemployed liberal who looks to government for endless handouts. I'm a conservative airline pilot who's been out of work 3 times."

"Now I know you're a hardcore Howard Dean worshipping leftist. Are you playing dumb or ignorant? Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Katy493ZmU"

@H9: "Yes, the truth is scary - which is why you seem to resort to cursing when you're faced with evidence that contradicts you."

There are a number of issues there. Some of GT's tweets simply echo conservative talking points, some are arguments based on faulty premises and one or two are simply wrong on the facts. Part two focuses in on the details.


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