Shepard Smith On Blockers Of 9/11 Responders Bill: 'How Do They Sleep At Night?'

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Perhaps spurred by the previous night's episode of The Daily Show, Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace spent about three minutes discussing the failure to pass the Zadroga Act. Listen and look at the language they use:

  • "how do they sleep at night?"
  • "are they gonna get that done?"
  • "it's a national shame"
  • "Congress"
  • "it's all political"
  • "who's gonna hold these peoples' feet to the fire?"
  • "everybody who voted against it"
  • "politicians who wrap themselves in the flag of 9/11"

Not once do they make mention of Democrats or Republicans in the entire segment. And from Fox's perspective, there's a good reason why, as evidenced by the votes for the Zadroga Act in the House and the Senate.

The final House vote, which passed the bill, was 268-160. Of the 268 "aye" votes, 251 were from Democrats. Of the 160 "no" votes, 157 were from Republicans.

The latest Senate vote, a motion to invoke cloture*, failed to gain the 60 votes needed. 57 out of 57 of the "yea" votes were cast by Democrats and Independents (Lieberman and Sanders). 41 of the 42 "nay" votes were cast by Republicans. (Senator Reid's "nay" vote is a procedural vote that allows him to refile the motion to invoke cloture.)

Smith and Wallace can complain about Congress failing to pass a bill, calling it a "national shame," but they don't (or can't) report on who cast the votes for the bill, and who cast the votes against it. It would make the party their bosses support look bad.

*Why the need to invoke cloture? Because Senate Republicans have abused the filibuster as their way to shut down the Senate specifically, and the Congress overall.


12/20/2010 - Media Matters' Eric Boehlert addresses the issue: "Fox Runs Interference For GOP Obstructionism On 9-11 First Responders Bill"

12/21/2010 - Credit where credit is due: on his December 20th show, Smith does name names: he reads off a list of Republican Senators who declined to be interviewed about the Zadroga bill.

12/21/2010 - More credit where credit is due: on his 12/21 show, Smith calls out Senator Tom Coburn for saying he will block the bill.


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