"Pretty Awesome Teamwork"

Update: 9 News in Denver, CO has picked up the story: "99ers band together to save a life"

An example of the potential for good that social media offers.

@ConcernedinKY posted a video to YouTube: Important Message to all 99ers

In response, a commenter, PeterInFremont, posted:

I have no choice but to give up. My rent is due tomorrow (21st) and I have 18 bucks and change in my pocket. Tonight? will be last time I'd sleeping on a bed in a warm room, I dont think I will last on the streets, conceivably, tomorrow will be last time I wake up.

I am not religious man, but, may God helps whom still hanging on the hope one day their life will be back to "normal". I thank God that I don't have anyone counting on me for their survival.

May God bless you all.

On Twitter, suzeyQ41 notices Peter's comment and posts a call for help:

Help! #99ers! One of us is in trouble! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuLKLL_dlzA Read comments!

@KimDoyleWille takes it from there:

@suzeyQ41 @JanettThinks @rochellesevier I'M ON IT! @ConcernedinKY emailed me 20 min ago. Police are notified and on way here & YouTube #!

Some of what followed over the next few hours:

@ConcernedinKY - @KimDoyleWille I wouldn't have known what to do or where to begin getting that done. Thank you for helping me. #99ers.
@KimDoyleWille - @ConcernedinKY U R welcome & THANKS 4 being SO ALERT! Luckily I worked w/courts for 11 yrs & tracked cyber-criminals so I can help! #99ers
@KimDoyleWille - I know. The minutes are *dragging* by. *Waiting* 4 next call. RT @ConcernedinKY: @KimDoyleWille It's almost 2 in the morning here. :(
@KimDoyleWille - @ConcernedinKY I JUST got a call and they've talked to YouTube, have his IP address and are tracking his location thru Comcast! #99ers #pray
@KimDoyleWille - YES! They R being VERY GOOD about keeping me in loop! RT @ConcernedinKY: @KimDoyleWille Will they let U know if they find him? #99ers #pray
@KimDoyleWille - The police R almost on scene. RT @ConcernedinKY: @KimDoyleWille Damnit, the media needs to see that entire thread. :( They need to LISTEN!
@KimDoyleWille - I've been on phone w/police & they've "made contact at the door". RT @ConcernedinKY: @KimDoyleWille Oh GOD! Did you see his latest post?!
@KimDoyleWille - @ConcernedinKY I have REAL admiration 4 my local Eagle County Deputy Dave as HE was one who followed thru 2.5 hrs of tracing him 4 Fremont!
@KimDoyleWille - I've just received a call & CAN CONFIRM PeterinFremont is in protective custody & that he said Thanks to all the #99ers who reached out. :^)

The Denver Post reported the story:

A despondent California man received help early this morning thanks to the Internet, a Colorado resident and a fast-acting sheriff's deputy.

A longtime out-of-work Fremont, Calif., man posted a message on an Internet forum Thursday night that was spotted by an El Jebel resident, and the concerned Colorado woman called the Eagle County Sheriff's Office for help.

The sheriff's deputy, with the help of the FBI in Denver, was able to trace the Internet posting to a residence in Fremont and police there contacted the 41-year-old man, without incident, and took him to a local hospital for help.

"They probably saved the life of someone they didn't even know or may never meet," said Shannon Cordingly, an Eagle County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman.

Cordingly said the man posted the message on an Internet forum for "99ers," people who have been out of work for more than 99 weeks.

After reading the posting, the El Jebel woman called the Eagle County Sheriff's Office at about 9:30 p.m. Thursday seeking help.

The Eagle deputy called the FBI in Denver because he knew federal authorities would be able to "get an emergency disclosure address as quickly as possible," Cordingly said.

"It was certainly the type of thing where time was of the essence," Cordingly said. "It was definitely pretty awesome teamwork."


  1. The Bud Meyers story:

    Bud Meyers, his online name, is a 99er who is 55 years old and sees life as he knows it ending in 3 weeks. This is when he will be homeless and he is terrified. He is not physically fit enough to survive on the streets, he says in an interview pulished in the Huffington Post.

    A post of Bud Meyers had caught the eye of many readers who support each other with a 99ers online community and many people thought that Meyers was going to kill himself. The police were called and they did a wellness check on Bud Meyers. He told the police that the post was “misconstrued.” The police told him on the day he is evicted they will come and take to the homeless shelter.

    The Department of Labor is tracking the unemployed that are not collecting unemployment; the 99ers will be realistically represented in numbers. This will be hard for the government to continue their current strategy of doing nothing.

  2. Exactly how does the Department of Labor intend on tracking the unemployed that are not collecting unemployment. I haven't heard the exact description or procedure on how this is to be done!
    Since we were all cut off by our individual states unemployment departments. How does my state know if I am employed or not! Will some one send me a letter like the census form, a phone call? (I couldn't pay the bill so my phone is off), E mail me? I don't remember if they ever requested my e mail address. Come to my house and ask if I'm working? I don’t think so.
    Now never mind about me how will they count all those people that have lost their homes and apartments and are living with friends, family members, hospitalized or homeless. When the police take Bud Meyers to the shelter how will he be contacted? (How do you distinguish the regular homeless form the 99er homeless, do the have ID cards?) Also will they count the underemployed as 99ers? Of course not.

  3. In reality EVERYONE previously collecting unemployment needs to be found and accounted for. Those of us with no jobs and those of us that have been fortunate enough to find temporary, or possibly two or three jobs, to support their families. The latter group may not qualify for unemployment but because they are part of this countries JOB DOWN situation they should be represented in some count to determine how bad the employment problem in this country is! Especially those with temporary jobs that will be unemployed again and probably will not reach the criteria to collect unemployment.

  4. The BLS claims they don't get any data from the States unemployment offices (where all UI claims are filed). Why don't they just start using that data? With the technology that our federal government has, it would be so EASY to do! They could have a minute-by-minute accounting of every unemployed person to the exact person, at any given time. And the information could be EASILY assimilated to break down all the demographics as well (age, duration, location, industry, etc). But they don't do this because it takes away the government's ability to hide and manipulate the real numbers...it's not politically good, to have us and the world, have access to these stark numbers...to be privy to our government's ineptness.

  5. @Anonymous - Back in August 2010, I emailed a number of states to ask them if they tracked UI exhaustees/99ers on a monthly basis. Some replied saying that they did report their numbers to the BLS. Others both forward their numbers and provide separate reports.

    For example, the State of California reports on their UI exhaustees on their EDD website.

    You may have seen in a previous post that we'll be reporting two numbers on a monthly basis: the number of people who have been receiving benefits for 60-98 weeks, as well as those who are in the 99 week and over category.

    One other thing to keep in mind: the reports are only as good as the data: not every eligible person files for unemployment insurance benefits. The data we use here is based on the Census Bureau's Current Population Survey.

  6. @G
    Just catching up here:

    We've been watching as Bud's story has been reported on CNN, the Huffington Post and Nicole Sandler's radio show. He told a compelling story that deserves a wider audience.

    The BLS keeps track of several measures of unemployment. They're known as U-1 through U-6, and you can see their definitions and values on the BLS' monthly economic news release:

    Table A-15. Alternative measures of labor underutilization


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