Rant and Rave - 2011 Showdown: 99ers vs. Washington, DC

smartygirl at RantRave just published a piece that's worth reading in full. The key quote (emphasis mine):

What's next? Well silence is not an option. The 99ers will never get ahead on their plight if we do not get the media involved. Groups of 99ers interviewing together would get even more attention. I spoke to a reporter out in Washington State and he told me the problem is not enough 99ers have come forward to tell their stories. Guess what, the local media are very interested in the 99ers, so it is time to step out of the shadows and reveal ourselves in 2011. The only way is to rally the country behind us as soon as congress and the senate return from the holiday break. It is equally important to continue the faxes, phone calls and emails to the media, president, governors, senators and congress. Never let up for one moment. At one time I even had an idea for all 99ers to mail your resumes to your elected official with a note on it asking "where are the jobs?"


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