Bad News, Good News

Bad news: from tonight's HuffPost Hill:

DAILY DELANEY DOWNER - House Speaker John Boehner says he hasn't read the letter from Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott, who have offered to try and find $16 billion in budget cuts to fund 14 weeks of unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed. "As Speaker Boehner walked to the House floor I asked him if he had seen the letter Reps. Lee and Bobby Scott sent to him on Wednesday, March 9th," reports Lauren Burke. "He said he had not seen the letter yet. When I asked him if there was any possibility he'd meet with Lee and Scott he simply repeated he hadn't seen the letter and walked on to the House floor for votes." [Crew of 42]

Good news: from the same article on Crew of 42:

"Yesterday afternoon, as House Republicans voted to end foreclosure assistance, I spoke with Rep. Barbara Lee on the status of her unemployment insurance extension bill, H.R. 589. 'We're looking for the money, we're working with the White House and we're trying to identify the 'payfors',' Lee said. She added, 'Under the PAYGO rules, there is a provision to allow you to designate something as an 'economic emergency,' which would allow you to do something without finding the payfor"

We've seen statements from people like Christina Romer, Austan Goolsbee and Valerie Jarrett on the need to do something, but this may be the first instance in which we've seen someone say that they're working with the White House.

There is one concern, though - when the GOP took control of the House, they scrapped the PAYGO rule and replaced it with a CUTGO rule.


  1. 99ers Know The Truth All Too Well but still many others have not been paying attention or reading (or caring) about what is really happening in America.

    FIRST - unemployment is not 9 or 10% as reported by the department it is really over 23% because over 27 million Americans are simply no longer being counted. Nice way to "lower" the rate. Another 40 million are considered underemployed: desiring full time work but can only find part time with little or no benefits.

    SECOND - these jobs that are being created are part time at $7-$10 an hour. Many 99ers have lost jobs at 40-70K+ a year.Those are not the majority of jobs that are being created. So get two or three jobs you say? Although the govenment says that there are 4.9 applicants for each job (which of course isn't enough) every HR person I have talked to will tell you that they receive hundreds and sometimes thousands of applications for each position.

    THIRD - everytime you see an (obviously) propagandized headline about hundreds or thousands being hired, actually take the time to do some research. Many of the jobs are being filled "worldwide", so although some of them may be open to American workers a good many are not being filled here.

    FOURTH - there is widespread discrimination nationwide against workers who are older, and many of those who have been out of work for 6 months or more are simply being told not to apply.

    So, because our government is lying about the real unemployment rate; and because the new jobs being created are in no way comparable to the jobs that have been lost; and because many of the jobs being created are not even in America; and because there is widespread discrimination that is preventing older experienced workers from getting hired,


    We are mobilizing for ACTION on this date. We are being asked to do what we can in our LOCAL HOMETOWNS on April 2nd. As we all have different gifts and talents it is up to YOU to do what you can to make this happen!

    Important Note: Unless someone knows something different, this has not started as a March TO WASHINGTON. It is an effort for all of the unemployed, 99ers, supporters of HR 589 and other supporters to March IN THEIR LOCAL AREA on the same date. Of course, if people want to go to DC that is great. We are hoping that local DC people will be able to march in their own area.

    Important Note2: This effort has not been started by one group - it is many people organizing ourselves on a national, state and local level. So, YOU ARE IT. Get the word out in any way possible to as many as possible so we can bring attention to our situation as a unit on this date.

    Important Note3: Do not wait for the national media to show up. It is up to us to create the buzz, record the event and upload pictures and video to sites online.

    Spread the word! There are forces at work to slow us down but we can not be stopped!

    Join or Start a Group Here:


    NEEDED - Statewide groups which can then be mobilized into local groups. So first find out if there is already a group in your area that is mobilizing. If you can not find one maybe it is up to you to start it. Then meet with your group members however you all communicate to plan a course of action for that day. And remember, there can not be too many groups. If we have different groups in a particular city on that day THAT IS A GOOD THING! Just DO SOMETHING!


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