HARO - Job seekers: Headhunter seeking unemployed for career makeover TV series

Seeking unemployed OR underemployed* individuals who need to get jobs and back on their feet.

Renowned headhunter Stephen Viscusi is seeking unemployed men and women in the greater NY or LA area who have been out of work for one (1) year of greater to participate in a career makeover project for a major TV network. Mr. Viscusi will provide significant career advice by analyzing and providing help with everything from resumes, job interview skills and wardrobe, all with the intention of getting your job, and life, back on track.

Seeking individuals in EVERY field, both while and blue collar fields. Individuals must: - be between the ages of 25-50 years old - be a high school or college degree - be able to send in a current resume - have had a former annual salary between $45-100+K at one point in time - be able to list three (3) things that you've lost since being unemployed (or underemployed) - not have appeared on any other reality docu-series If you're down-and-out, looking for a new opportunity or in an emergency situation and need a job, apply now!!! Every response will be read.

To apply, contact us at CareerMakeover@vinniep.com. Please include the following information: - Name - Age - Location - 1-3 pictures of you - Resume - Brief description of who you are and how long you've been out of work.

*underemployed - someone who's had a job and was recently demoted, forced to take a pay cut or was given additional duties with no additional pay.


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