House Democrats - Twitter Town Hall on the Budget & GOP Spending Bill

Mark your calendars for Thursday, noon Eastern time

From the event announcement posted on the House of Representatives Democratic Caucus website:

On Thursday (March 10, 2011) House Democrats will hold a Twitter Town Hall about the Budget from noon to 1:00 PM EST.

To follow along, visit or follow our Democratic Member of Congress Twitter List.

To ask a question, simply add "#AskDems" to your question or e-mail

Folks, let's try to come up with a short list of questions. The one question I'd like to see answered:

  • 72 Democrats are co-sponsors of H.R. 589. Will the caucus members present who are not, add their names in support? #AskDems #99ers #HR589

Let's try to engage the representatives in a positive way: please and thank you. We're all frustrated, frightened and angry at times - but a meeting with members of Congress isn't the best time to vent. We want to encourage their support, not have them recoil under a barrage of harrassment.


  1. Ask them what is the best way the long-term unemployed can get their voices heard; support their efforts - what would get the message across (format, substance)


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