ISO Discouraged Workers

Media Outlet: The Washington Post
Deadline: 05:00 PM EST - 8 March

Hi everyone! I am working on a story about discouraged workers and looking to talk to folks who might fall into this category. Discouraged workers are people who would theoretically like to work, but have largely stopped looking for a job because of the economy. Perhaps they are considering this a forced early retirement, are living with family, decided to stay at home with their children or have gone back to school. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!


  1. Have U seen this heart wrenching piece @60Minutes Hard times generation: HOMELESS KIDS: #ReviveAmerica

    I wonder if I will ever work again and haven't reached the excruciating 99er level quite yet. There is bond/movement starting to form on twitter, but scattered at best which is deflating at times. I hope you get respectful & thoughtful input because that is what will get the attention of media who provides the most powerful voice for the unemployed and ultimately the stability of our nation. @widerangle

  2. Basically, we just feel forgotten about. Like, the economy collapsed, we were the first to get laid off, after 6-9 months of unemployment no one wants to hire you because they think there is something wrong because no one has hired you (even though the economy had just collapsed which was why no one was hiring you). Now, as the economy starts to SLOWLY come back to life, we are basically just treated like "Well, too bad,we know you were the first ones to lose your jobs, and now because you've been laid off so long no one will hire you..NOT OUR PROBLEM!"

    That's why we're discouraged.

  3. I have been unemployed for over 2 years and considered one of the 99er's but the govt. thinks I'm just a waste of their time and won't help us.We are not counted as unemployed and the companies that hire people think just like the govt. I worked all my life since I was 12 years old been paying taxes since 16 and all we get is nothing in return.I'm in my late 50's can't find work not even at McDonald's or Walmart.So you ask if we are DISCOURAGED what would you be??? I feel like I've been forced into retirement but can't even get SS for years to come. We lost most of our money that was put into retirement accounts do to economy collapsing!! I've almost spent all the money that I've saved for OLD AGE so what do you think??? What's next living on the streets in a card board box,rummaging through garbage cans for food ??? I hope this helps you out in some way cause it has let me vent. And for those people who think it's NOT YOUR PROBLEM I hope it's your front lawn I'll be setting up camp!!!!

  4. I have been out of work for two and a half years. My husband, who was also laid off two years ago, took a job in sales that doesn't even cover our rent. We have struggled for basic survival now for so long that our former middle-class life feels like some fairy tale we only dreamed of. My sister and my mother-in-law moved in with us to help out last year and now, we are facing eviction. Every day, I send out resumes, make calls and check in with the temp agencys I signed up with, but nothing comes. I have applied for minimum wage fast food jobs and never even gotten an interview. My two degrees are useless. Everything I ever worked for is gone. Am I a DISCOURAGED job seeker? I moved well beyond discouraged months ago. I am 42 years old and as far as I can tell, my life is over.


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