Seen In Tonight's HuffPost Hill

DEAR 99ERS: CONGRESS JUST ISN'T THAT INTO YOU - Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott announced yesterday they're willing to abide by the House GOP's cut-as-you-go rules in their effort to give the long-term unemployed 14 more weeks of benefits, which would be a pretty big concession since Democrats tend to insist that UI bennies be deficit spending. So far, nobody seems very interested in the offer. "The wealthy and powerful didn't have to wait for their unpaid-for tax breaks and there is no reason why these workers should have to wait for this aid that they urgently need," said Lee spokesman Joel Payne in a statement. "And if Republicans are principally opposed to providing aid for these unemployed workers to help them make ends meet and contribute to our economy, they should just say so." Just say so, you guys! (source)


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