New York State: Now with 48 percent more 99ers

The figures below are republished with the kind courtesy of the New York State Department of Labor, which tracks the number of beneficiaries who have exhausted employment benefits.

Needless to say, these numbers are not encouraging at all, and represent a significant reason for all the members of the NY Congressional delegation, on both sides of the aisle, to throw their support behind H.R. 589.

Between January 21 and April 29, almost 65,000 people have been added to the list of the 99ers who worked and live in NY state.

Almost 50,000 of that increase come from the five boroughs of New York City, plus the suburbs of Long Island and Westchester.

New York State Beneficiaries Who Have Exhausted All Available Benefits
New Yorkers first began exhausting the current federal UI extensions on March 28, 2010

January 21, 2011
April 29, 2011
NYS Including OSR and Unknown 147,278 218,333 71,055 48.25%
NYS Excluding OSR and Unknown 134,594 199,284 64,690 48.06%
Top 10 Exhaustions By County
Kings (Brooklyn) 22,142 32,153 10,011 45.21%
Queens 17,783 26,299 8,516 47.89%
Bronx 13,884 20,249 6,365 45.84%
New York (Manhattan) 13,846 20,205 6,359 45.93%
Suffolk 10,395 15,378 4,983 47.94%
Nassau 8,893 13,197 4,304 48.40%
Westchester 5,765 8,562 2,797 48.52%
Erie 5,469 8,193 2,724 49.81%
Monroe 4,499 6,766 2,267 50.39%
Richmond (Staten Island) 3,687 5,332 1,645 44.62%

In related news, the state of California reported last week that "the number of Californians who have exhausted their 99 weeks of unemployment benefits grew to more than 402,000."


  1. These figures are just another numbers game. I am a 99er. I worked in New York City & received unemployment from NY State, however I live in NJ and I am not represented on this chart. I updated my weekly unemployment by telephone. At the end of the 99 weeks the recording indicated I exhausted all my benefits and the phone connection terminated. Because I am no longer able to advise NY unemployment of my status, how am I counted? As of today no one knows if I found a job or if I'm a 99er.

  2. @G

    G, you actually are represented in the chart: the very first line includes "OSR and unknown" - those are people who are out of state residents (OSR) or those whose addresses are unknown, but who worked in New York State - some, like you, live in New Jersey and work in NYC. Others might be from Connecticut or elsewhere in neighboring states.

    If you registered with one of NY's OneStop Centers, you could still be listed as unemployed and looking for work, even if you exhausted benefits.


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