Reps. Scott and Lee to Chairman Camp: Stop Penalizing Unemployed Workers, Work With Us to Extend Aid for the Long-term

WASHINGTON, DC – Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Representative Bobby Scott (D-VA) released the following statement today in reaction to legislation offered by Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) that would gut unemployment benefits for millions of displaced workers. Representatives Lee and Scott have requested that Chairman Camp support their bill, HR 589, to extend aid for unemployed workers who have exhausted their benefits. HR 589 currently has 80 co-sponsors in the House.

"Instead of acting on our bill to extend aid to unemployed workers who have exhausted their benefits, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Camp wants to gut unemployment benefits and deny millions of jobless workers the means to help make ends meet. As we face an unemployment rate of 9 percent nationwide, an unemployment rate for teenagers three times as high as the national average, and an economy where there are 4.4 unemployed workers for every available job opening, it is simply wrong to propose a bill that would further penalize unemployed workers across the country."



  1. This is totally unbelievable thaT this Dave Camp can delegate an issue that is the most important in our lives for the millions of families are suffering. Why do we have to suffer since we did not create this catastrophe in our so called American Dream? Why in the hell does he think that he can make a decision for the 99er's here in our God given country that we respect and obviously he doesn't except money in his pocket as a Rep. to make a decision to blow us off like we are a piece of shit on this earth. We are all human and need to be treated as we should since we have worked over 30 yrs or more for some. We deserve help ASAP to at least help us a little to pay our bills. Do you think our utilitie companies not getting paid. Wow is that growth to our economy, not. Even our mortgage companies we have so many houses boarded up in our neighborhood it is so blighted or some one will burn it down. Then you have our drugs sold and prostitution in our neighborhoods and the police can't even keep up with the crime. I live in Toledo,OH and I wish that I could sell my home and get the hell out of here, but nobody has any money to buy anything around here and the jobs are scarce. Even the temporary agencies can't keep up with the volume of people looking for employment. When is Obama/Senate/Rep going to step up and give us some help we deserve after we have worked our ass off for many year. WE BUILT THIS COUNTRY AS HARD WORKERS AND THE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM US!!!GOD BLESS AMERICA BUT NOT PEOPLE IN THE WHITE HOUSE THEY SUCK!!! WE NEED HELP NOW AND NOT BE PUT DOWN BECAUSE WE ARE BEGGING FOR HELP!! WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WHEN THEY GIVE MONEY TO WALL STREET, INDUSTRIES, BANKS. THERE ARE TO MANY HOMELESS FAMILIES TRYING TO FIND A HOME AND THAT IS JUST NOT RIGHT. FAMILIES ARE BEING SPLIT UP AND VIOLENCE IN THE HOMES. THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING!!! PLEASE PASS HR 589 ASAP BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO GO ON YOUR LITTLE JUNE VACA!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I will be a 99er next week. At the first of this month I got a notice that my food stamp benefits were being reduced by $10- starting next month-so very nice, since everything has gone up. Foodstamps are really just a stipend. They last for about 10 days. I have been living without everything except the very basics, such as rent and utilities and one phone. No car, no internet or cable here. We need Help!

    FDR where are you??? Tent cities are next!

    I think we ought to ask our reps. to take us out to dinner and discuss this.

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  4. Told on the phone by an staffing agency, Opal Staff that he had sent out four people for an position and that they needed to have their skills updated for certain employers. I knew he was lying to me. Most of the calls you get today are from the student loan mafia Sallie Mae or from Staffing agencies that look over your information I am sure before they call, but determine something about your when they speak to you. I am kind of thinking it's the "Tyrone Washington thing."

    You almost never get a call from an employer anymore if at all. Only staffing agencies who are will put you in some of the conditions you could imagine!


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