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More of this, please:
"There are people who would love to be working and they just cannot find the jobs. They're not bums, they're not looking for government benefits, but they desperately need work and this would just come as a godsend to them." - Tennessee House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh


  1. I am a 99er in Toledo, OH and 56 have been looking for work for almost 3 yrs with 1000's or more of resumes and still to no avail the response I get is we will keep your resume on file. How can they keep my resume on file for 3 yrs, you know they get rid of them after 6 months or to a year. So I have a stack of responses and I feel like if I lived by the White House I would put them all in front of his lawn and have a bonfire, because they sure are not doing me any good anymore. I have not had any income since November 5, 2010. My husband also was laid off in March, 2010 and we have been worrying how to pay our bills,real estate taxes, gas, water, electric, car/house ins., gas for our car when its almost $4.00 to $5.00 a gal. to try to find work. Well for awhile he was working around Jan. 2011 and it was a temporary job so then he was let go on May. Then my gas line went out in my car and then the same week my refg. went out we had to throw out all our food because we were afraid of getting salmonella. Then by the Grace of God my daughter paid $300 for refg for us. So we are back in the same boat. No money. My children have had to help me, God Bless them but they have their bills and my grandchildren. What is in store when they grow up nothing so far. It is very discouraging to realize that our government does not give a shit about us but he can go travel to other countries given them money. Like Egypt, why in the hell do we care about them and other countries. We have our families and children suffering from their living conditions and food their family structures are being broke apart by our own country that its a disgrace to our American country or that not what it use to be. All the President/Congress/Rep/Senate care about is we are going in debt. We are already in debt and we did not create this mess. I have worked over 30 years of my life and I have to wait for a handout from the government who are acting like a bunch of assholes, you can name them all from the top to the House Speaker Boener and the peons. WE NEED THEM TO PASS THIS LEGISLATION I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY CALL IT ANYMORE. HR589 AND HELP THE POOR. BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY WE ARE NO LONGER THE MIDDLE CLASS. SINCE WE HAVEN'T HAD ANY JOBS WE SURE DON'T HAVE ANY CREDIT TO EVEN BUY A HOUSE, CAR, LOAN TO FIX OUR HOMES. ITS GOING TO TAKE ALONG TIME BEFORE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WILL EVER BE ABLE TO HAVE ANYTHING ANYMORE. THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT HAVE ANY MONEY ARE THE DRUG DEALERS AND IT IS OUT OF CONTROL. OUR NEIGHBORHOOD IS INFILTRATED AND CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. OUR NEIGHBORHOOD USED TO BE YOU GO TO WORK COME HOME AND RELAX. NOW ALL YOU HEAR IS PEOPLE CURSING, PLAYING LOUD MUSIC, SOME WEARING THEIR PANTS ALMOST TO THE GROUND AND SOMETIME DON'T EVEN CARE OF THEIR BUTT IS SHOWING. WE ARE A THIRD COUNTRY, WHERE IS HITLER AROUND THE CORNER TO WIPE US OUT. WHERE ARE THE TRAINS? IF OUR GOVERNMENT CAN NOT GIVE COMPASSION TO OUR OWN PEOPLE THAN WE DON'T NEED THEM. THEY ALL NEED TO BE OUSTED OUT. WE NEED HELP ASAP WE DESERVE IT AND WE DON'T NEED TO FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO CONTROL OUR LIVES THAT IS NOT THE AMERICAN DREAM AND THE CONSTITUTIONAL WAY!!!


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