Why was this in the Friday trash?

Steve Benen, on the CEA's latest report on the effects of the stimulus on the economy:

The stimulus should have been bigger and more ambitious, and deserved more than one round of investment. But the fact remains that the derided Recovery Act turned the economy around. An economy that was shrinking started growing, and an economy that was hemorrhaging jobs started adding jobs, because of this one piece of legislation. Republicans, reporters, and even the American mainstream may find these facts inconvenient, but the truth is stubborn.

Facing the greatest economic crisis in generations, the nation was effectively left with two choices early 2009: the Democratic stimulus or the Republicans' proposed five-year spending freeze. We're all very fortunate the latter was in the minority.


  1. I am thankfull for our soldiers fighting over seas and may they be safe to come home to their families. They are the one’s and their famiies to pray on this Fourth of July with all the Americans who have fathers, son’s, daughter’s. We even to recommend our local police, firemen, Emt’s in our state that have tried to keep the streets,fire, patients safe. Our Lucas county(Ohio) have taken a direct hit for their equaity and freedom of choice for the future. Then you have the families who do not have any income because their benefit have exhausted for the 99er’s. What kind of courage are we supposed to have when can’t pay our bills, gas for our car, mortgage, real estate taxes, car/home insurance, personal items. Our famiies and children are being deprived by no fault of their own and the parents, because this country is so wound up in balancing the budget. Hello, we can’t balance a budget when we don’t have it and it is going to be a long time before anybody can gain any credit. When you 14.5 million or more for the people either can’t be counted or they are just homeless. We need help ASAP for HR589 to gain some quality of accomplishments to be able to look for a future. We are limbo now. Again, we have not had any mention by the President or other government constituents in regards to the 99er’s. Can you as Governor, Congress, House Rep, Senate give us back our lives, we did not create this fiasco? We should not be left out when we have worked all our lives, at 30 yrs of mind, in the Medical Field and all the fac./phys. have frozen their hiring. The temp’s will only call you if you fall into their data base, they have so many app’s, it’s like don’t call us, we’ll call you. Oh, you all finally have knocked me to the ground, I have no cash flow, I have no insurance on my car/home, no gas in my car and I am supposed to look for a job. Pretty soon my internet will be shutoff and I will no way to the outside world, excep sit here and wait for the government take over my home that I have paid off for 19 yrs. This government is a disgrace to our democracy and I can’t believe they want to say they are our leaders. None of them have done anything to the poor and have been putting it off since last year. Why are you there? WE NEED HELP NOW FOR THE 99er’s. WE WANT AT LEAST KNOW THAT WE PLAN AHEAD FOR SOMETHING AND OUR CHILDREN DON’T NEED TO SUFFER WITH THE PARENTS WHO ARE SO OVERWHELMED WITH THEIR FUTURE. ALONG WITH OUR GRANDCHILDREN!! ALL WE ASK FOR IS HELP, YOU HAVE HELPED WALL STREET, AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, BANKS, OTHER COUNTRIES WHO DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT US. THEN THEY COME INTO OUR COUNTRY CASH IN AND GET DOUBLE OR TRIPLE IN THEIR COUNTRIES FOR THEIR CASH. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR DEMOCRACY? WELL NOW YOU ALL ARE ON VACATION AGAIN, TILL WE SIT HERE AND WONDER WHAT OUR FUTURE WILL BRING US!! THANKS TO THOSE GOV, OFFICIALS WHO HAVE SPOKEN UP FOR US AND DA*M THE ONES WHO DON’T CARE ABOUT THE POOR!!!!


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