99ers: The Real Lives of the Long-Term Unemployed


  1. I am a soon to be 56 year old divorced woman who has been in the dental profession for over 24 years and I have been out of work for a little over 2 yrs . My final extension ended the end of May. I can't find a job and I feel like my age is going against me . I am far from washed up . I have been seriously depressed since , I really don't have anyone to rely on and have sold all my jewelry and other things to stay afloat so far . I have considered suicide more then I care to admit . I feel like our government is trying to cut our population down in hopes we will commit suicide ????? I live day to day and as much as I don't want to .. I need to go to get public assistance . My health is getting worse and it doesn't look like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. HELP US 99'ers

  2. Anonymous, I understand your frustration as I'm in the same boat. Please reach out to your local suicide hotline and share your story with all of your elected officials.

  3. When you apply for just about any job, the company will set you at a computer screen. You may assume the application is going to the company, but instead it is going to places like EmployeescreenIQ. This company out of Cleveland Ohio came into being in 1999, is the largest, and will assign you a "score." If you are unemployed, or have gaps in employment, your score is dropped significantly. Most of the time, the actual employer will never see your application, cover letter and resume. These companies store your info, add to it every time you apply somewhere, and interface with HR departments all over the world. They check credit, discrepancies in reported education, driving records, criminal records, and even social media. The job applicant is in the dark, and completely defenseless. The result is that a huge group of people who were thrown out of work during the recession, will probably never work again. These companies should be outlawed ASAP.


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