We need a one-two punch to solve the 99ers crisis

As seen on the Storify transcript of today's White House Office Hours online chat:

On one hand, Mr. Furman is right - "a job" is the best answer.

But we know the numbers, all too well. 14 million unemployed; 3 million job openings. A job is not going to happen until those odds drastically improve.

We need the American Jobs Act passed... and we need H.R. 589 passed with it.


  1. Keeping Them Honest: Republican policy has proven over the past decade to be a failed economic policy. Over the past ten years, they have spent billions in Medicare and military spending, and lowered taxes. It’s why we’re in debt! They keep stating that they want economic growth to pay for the government spending, but that policy hasn’t worked over the past decade. We’re trillions of dollars in debt. We need to raise revenue by increasing taxes on the 1%, and by enforcing and closing corporate tax loopholes. The middle class keeps losing ground due to these failed policies. Why don’t republicans offer a new policy and stop the insanity of trying the same policies that haven’t worked for America?

    May I remind you of the definition of insanity: doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

    Karen Wickman


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