Even on Wall Street, the Unemployed Need Not Apply

Even the 1% can feel what it's like to be one of the 99%:

"It's the job seeker’s proverbial 'Catch-22.' Many financial firms say they'll only hire you if you are currently employed. That means if you're unemployed, don't even apply. At least that's what employers are telling the recruiters working for them." (source)

This type of discrimination isn't new, and it's been widely reported on.

President Obama's American Jobs Act and Rep. Rosa DeLauro's Fair Employment Opportunity Act would address discrimination like this. Congress, pass these bills. Stop worrying about non-existent "farm dust".


  1. Flag Goofy Job Ads!

    Don't count on government intervention, it's time to take matters into our own hands. All of the job sites have a "flag" or "report" button on the pages the ads are hosted on. Click those buttons when you see an ad telling the unemployed not to apply, requiring a credit check for a position that does not handle money, or requiring a disproportionate amount of experience for a job (Such as 10 years of experience for an entry level position).

    It's time for the job seekers, the unemployed, and the employed who are just sick of what's going on to exercise their rights and...

    Flag Goofy Job Ads!


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