The Raw Story: Remember the 99ers? Long-term unemployed workers’ invisible struggle

Kay Steiger at The Raw Story interviewed a number of 99ers (including me) for a series of stories on unemployment. Excerpts follow:

(Pam) Sexton wrote she feels like she interviewed at nearly every company in the Kansas City area, where she's from, before renting out her house and moving to Minnesota in search of work.

"We do not want handouts. We want to feel valued and that we are contributing. We are too young to quit the working world," she wrote.

"Employer discrimination against the unemployed — and especially the long-term unemployed — has been well documented. A 60 Minutes story aired last month highlighted the 'silent no' of job listings that stipulate applicants must be currently employed."

"'While we were in between the resumes and the interviews, we were trying to tell people please don't forget about us,' he said. 'It’s tough to be in the position to be an (unemployed and actively-looking) advocate.'

He also saw how the message of the 99 percent, pushed by the Occupy Wall Street movement, quickly overpowered the small voices of the 99ers. 'That was a good conversation to have, but we became yesterday's news,' he said."


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