It's Just Spelled Differently

I recently had an overseas colleague explain that there was no difference between one thing and another: they were just spelled differently.

Consider the following coupon: it describes the plan to reform Medicare put forward during the 2012 Presidential campaign:

And this, from Talking Points Memo:

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) on Sunday defended his plan to reform Medicare for those under 55 years old, a plan that he has pushed in his budgets for years and which he will continue backing in the budget plan he will release next week.

"It's not a voucher, it's premium support, which is very different," Ryan said on "Fox News Sunday."

Ryan explained that under his plan, senior choose from a list of guaranteed coverage options, including traditional Medicare, and that Medicare would subsidize that plan. The subsidies would cover the entire cost for the poor and less of the cost for wealthy seniors.

In this case, my overseas colleague is exactly right: whether it's called one thing (a voucher), or another (premium support), there's no difference: they're just spelled differently.


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