"You give us 22 minutes..."

1010WINS is an all-news AM radio station serving the NY metropolitan area. One of its tag lines is: "You give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world."

Listeners who pay careful attention will note that the station's format cycles every 20 minutes. So... why the difference?

According the the station's news director, Ben Mevorach,

"Our slogan is a bit of a mystery. Everyone who knows the story "definitively" seems to have a different version of the story :)

The story that seems to have the most "rightness" to it is the one told by some of the old timers at the station.

WINS went to 20 minute cycles (shows) based on ratings research and the way people seemed to use the station. Once that decision was made, the station hired a marketing firm to find the best way to advertise the new clock.

The firm went out with "You give us 20 minutes. We'll give you the world." Unfortunately, test marketing found that it just didn't stick in people's minds. It just wasn't memorable. After some fiddling and re-testing, they found that 22 minutes was much more memorable and thus the slogan was born.

As a practical matter, If you listen to 1010 WINS from the start of a show and stop 22 minutes later, you will get two sets of headlines. Since (other than the lead story) the headline package changes, you effectively get all of the stories in our lineup in 22 minutes.

If this confuses you...please know you are not alone."


I came across this 2010 interview with Lee Harris, one of the station's anchors: his take on the story is quite the same. Forward to 2:30 for his explanation.


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