Rep. Frederica Wilson: Reintroducing the American Jobs Act

Ms. WILSON of Florida. Mr. Speaker, it's now been 934 days since I came to Congress and there has not been a single vote on serious legislation to address our unemployment crisis.

Amidst the distractions, amidst the scandals, amidst the tragedies, the single overriding focus of the American people remains the same: jobs and the economy. The polls speak volumes.

Mr. Speaker, today I'm taking an important step to end distractions and get the Congress back to work for the people, for the unemployed, for the suffering. Today, I am reintroducing President Obama's American Jobs Act, which expired last year without even reaching the House floor. The American Jobs Act is popular for a reason: independent analysts have shown it would create 1.9 million jobs.

Mr. Speaker, bring this bill to a vote and you will restore public trust in the Congress of the United States of America. The American Jobs Act deserves a vote. Mr. Speaker, our mantra should be: jobs, jobs, jobs.

Rep. Wilson's bill is H. R. 2821 - we've added it to the bill tracker on the right.


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