Dear @SenatorTimScott: What Would You Call It?

…when a vocal fringe group of Americans, including high-profile Presidential candidates and even sitting members of Congress, refuse to accept Barack Obama as a natural born citizen and the legitimate President of the United States?

…but not say a word about a potential Republican presidential candidate who was actually born in a foreign country?

What would you call it when a leading conservative voice declares, in the days before the President's Inauguration, "I hope Obama fails"?

…or when we learn that a group of prominent Republican Senators and Congressmen gather for a quiet dinner on Inauguration Day, to craft a plan the challenge the President and the Democrats on "every single bill and every single campaign"?

What would you call it when your party has turned a once rarely-used parliamentary procedure into something that's now so frequently used that it threatens to break the Senate? According to Norm Ornstein, "the use or threat of filibuster as a routine weapon of obstruction is new, and it has changed the character of the Senate and distorted democracy."

What would you call it when Republicans, who previously voted for debt ceiling increases as a matter of course under a Republican president, now call the US economy a "hostage worth ransoming"?

What would you call it, Senator Scott, when state after state rush to enact voter ID requirements, mere hours after the Supreme Court struck down a provision of the Voting Rights Act?

…or when GOP-majority legislatures are found to have discriminated against minority voters by drawing gerrymandered voting districts?

Senator Scott, would you be as "sincerely disappointed" by the GOP's actions as you claim to be about Senator Reid's speculative question? Would you call for an apology from your Republican colleagues for their demonstrated behavior?

Finally, Senator, what would you call it when presented with evidence like this? Would you call the pages after pages of vitriol based on substance, or based on race?

Our country does deserve more, Senator. It deserves more from its citizens, and it deserves more from those who serve it. Our country deserves more from you, sir.


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