60 Votes For Thee, But Not For Me

From the NY Times reporting on the failure of the Senate to pass an emergency UI bill:

"During recent negotiations over an unemployment deal, Republicans had balked at what they viewed as the tyrannical leadership of Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, who had refused to let Republicans offer any amendments. But on Tuesday, Mr. Reid offered to let each party introduce five amendments to the legislation.

"Republicans remained displeased, however, saying his requirement that each amendment receive 60 votes to pass unfairly doomed their measures, especially since Mr. Reid was demanding that Republicans give up the customary 60-vote threshold to end debate on the final bill."

The first vote on extending emergency UI "failed" with 52 votes for, 48 votes against.

The second vote on extending emergency UI "failed" with 55 votes for, and 45 votes against.

But it's the Senate Republicans who are the ones complaining about a 60-vote threshold.

Damned hypocrites.


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