The Long-Term Unemployed: How to Make Sure You Are Not Overlooking Skilled Talent

We know that hiring managers and other decision makers routinely overlook the long-term unemployed. We know what it feels to be on the outside, looking in, feeling the despair that comes with the knowledge that in order to get a job, we have to have a job already.

In that light, this article from the Society for Human Resource Management represents a small, but significant change. It's a guide that "offers basic steps HR professionals can take to ensure that recruiting and hiring practices do not intentionally or inadvertently disadvantage individuals from being considered for a job based solely on unemployment status."

Add that together with President Obama's State of the Union Address, in which he said:

"Congress, give these hardworking, responsible Americans that chance. They need our help, but more important, this country needs them in the game. That’s why I’ve been asking CEOs to give more long-term unemployed workers a fair shot at that new job and new chance to support their families; this week, many will come to the White House to make that commitment real. Tonight, I ask every business leader in America to join us and to do the same – because we are stronger when America fields a full team."

These efforts are as welcome as they are overdue.


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