Dear House GOP, This Letter Is For You

DAILY DELANEY DOWNER - From our prize-winning series PASTED: The Email of the Jobless, another letter from one of the 2 million missing out on unemployment insurance thanks to Congress: "I just need time and my UI to be able to find a job. I feel so desperate and cry constantly. I can see why people commit suicide. The desperation is real and terrible. I wish these horrible people would spend a day in our shoes so they would know what desperation feels like. They have no compassion."


  1. Keep Your Head Up... I feel your pain because its one I share with you all the same. I hit a hard spot in my life in what seems like forever, and got compounded by my child's tuition payment, car insurance and on top of witch when I thought Ill be able to make it through, the IRS kept my tax return due to back child support. For the first time I was reduced to rubble. With a prior prison record (non violet, non drug related) finding a job for myself is almost next to impossible... I was laid off in July and never seen an Emergency unemployment extension, although they were kind enough to tell me I qualified... I have what totals out to 240. dollars to my name... Rent due, bills backed up 2 months, credit cards almost maxed and no food in my fridge. I have too much pride for welfare so if no work then what does congress expect me to do? Dont go silent into that goodnight!!! Rage against the dieing of the light!!!


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