Five Thirty Eight: Losing Benefits Isn’t Prodding Unemployed Back to Work

So far, the evidence doesn't seem to support that theory. Rather than finding jobs, the long-term unemployed continue to be out of luck.

We now have three months' worth of job market data since the benefits program expired. The chart below shows job-finding rates for the long-term and short-term unemployed. Notice three things: First, the short-term unemployed have a much better chance of finding a job than the long-term unemployed and always have. Second, the short-term unemployed are seeing a steady improvement in their prospects, but the long-term jobless are not. And third, there's been no major shift since the benefits program expired at the end of last year. (The chart shows the data as a 12-month rolling average, which could obscure a sudden shift. The un-smoothed data, however, doesn't show a jump either.)


  1. I am not a recipient of those waiting for their unemployment benefits well do to them, however, my significant other is.
    I am completely disgusted with how our government is handling this situation. Taking another break ; this time, a TWO week"vacation", at the expense of those awaiting what is righteously their own earnings.
    Is this done in spite? Do they just drag this out to pacify the negative votes that did not pass? Or so they cringe on the thought of dishing out money where needed? Hmm It is absolutely shameful that our government has allowed their own. ...... Americans. ... hard working, loyal tax paying citizens, many of them military family affiliates, go this Long without pay. Furthermore, and to conclude, are these blogs and comments doing any justice? Does anybody other than those in desperate need, really care? Stay tuned till further notice. .. Happy Easter to all.


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