Today In Lying With Statistics

A right wing Tweeter engaged me in "dueling statistics" a few days ago. Looking back at the exchange, it's easy to see how only one thing matters to some on the right: regardless of the facts, pin the blame on President Obama.

In response to a chart highlighting the growth in the share of wealth owned by "the 1% of the 1%," I got back this reply:

Which, apparently, is trying to make two claims:
  1. TARP was Obama's fault;
  2. Income inequality is Obama's fault.

(The reply chart comes from IBD, and much like the person who engaged with me, it takes the source material from Pew and twists it into an attack on the President.)

When pointing out that TARP was signed by President Bush; that 75 Senators and 263 Representatives voted "yes" on the bill, that didn't matter. Only then-Senator Obama and then-Senator Clinton's votes matter.

When pointing out that income inequality was far greater under Presidents Reagan and Bush (41), that didn't matter, either. The only economic history that matters to the most rabid of the right began Jan 20, 2009.

Back and forth. For each claim, a rebuttal. For each rebuttal, a response that shifted the argument elsewhere, until we get to this:

If it was done deliberately, the chart is stunning in its dishonesty. Why? Here's a view of the same data, written up by AEI:

It's one thing to be partisan. It's another to cross the line, and simply lie.


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