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"One more gun" is not the answer.

How did the killer in Santa Barbara get his guns? According to reporting,

Police said three guns were recovered from Rodger's car. Police said he had more than 400 rounds of ammunition.

"All were legally purchased from federally licensed dealers and all were registered to the suspect," the sheriff said.
This is someone who had been or was being treated by multiple therapists.

This is someone who had multiple contacts with police

…including when a member of Rodger's family asked police to check on him because of alarm over his behavior and videos. (Sheriff Bill) Brown said the cops found no reason to take further action on Rodger.
It looks like everyone did the jobs they were assigned to do, to prevent horrors like this from happening, but the plan failed.

Isn't it time for a better plan?

Deniers, Nothing To See Here

Time history of atmospheric carbon dioxide, by CIRES & NOAA

Today's Daily Delaney Downer

"From our award-winning series PASTED: The Email of the Jobless: "We are affected by the hesitance in the house to renew unemployment and it is breaking my family down emotionally, physically and financially! My husband served in the military for 11 years with 2 overseas tours and worked as a manager for a retail store for 12 years. He lost his job due to downsizing and was collecting unemployment. We are now in a position where we have to rely on the programs available such as food stamps and cash assurance in order to just keep our house. Living week by week and hoping I bring in enough money just to pay the necessities for us and our 3 children."

I think I understand AEI now.

The free market gives us exploding oil-filled railcars. Regulation takes away our freedom to have exploding oil-filled railcars. #p2#Maddow— A 99er (@HelpThe99ers) May 8, 2014

Search without reward

When workers remain unemployed for more than six months at a time, the toll is not just financial — it’s psychological. Again and again, the long-term unemployed describe themselves as having entered a “black hole” that they cannot seem to climb out of, according to the studies of MIT’s Ofer Sharone, who has extensively interviewed such workers.
“We need to create work for people so they can rebuild their shattered lives”— A 99er (@HelpThe99ers) May 8, 2014

Seven Unemployed Workers Bravely Share Their Stories With Congress