How to Respond to Open Carry Activists, Parts 1 and 2


  1. The best way to respond to open carriers, is to join 'em! Learn more at And carry on!

    1. I appreciate the invitation, Mike, but I hope you'll understand if I respectfully decline.

      If, like me, you believe that the Second Amendment expresses a collective right of the people to bear arms for the purpose of participating in a well-regulated militia, then the Open Carry movement is misguided from the outset.

      If you, like me, believe that guns do have a place in society: mainly, in the hands of trained soldiers and police, or in the hands of the enthusiast at the range or a hunter in a blind, then seeing someone carrying open is a warning sign, not an invitation to join.

      I can think of many ways to make your point. Carrying open isn't one of them.


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