Program getting long-term unemployed back to work

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - A program in Central New York is helping long-term unemployed get back on track.

It’s called Choosing to Thrive, a 2-week workshop held by Visions for Change, an organization helping reduce poverty in Syracuse.

Since it started three years ago 155 people have taken the course. Of that number 105 people have found jobs and 85% of them still have them.

“They start out with the basics of who I am, where have I come from what do I need to do in my life to change,” explained Rhonda O’Connor, Director of Community Services for Visions for Change.

Students in the program learn career skills like writing a resume, prioritize, and interview.

The course, running every other month, also brings in employers discussing what they look for in new hires.

Once completed, participants are required to return daily to the class to apply for jobs and work on their resumes.

They are also followed for a year for support, can sign up to have a mentor, and attend a weekly meeting for constant support.

“I feel like I really accomplished something,” said Sandra Florence, who just completed the course after being unemployed for two years. “It’s just another thing to add to my resume.”

If you’re interested in finding out more, call (315) 218-0938 or fill out an application at the Visions for Change website.


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