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Fox 17: Problem Solvers: New law halts Michican UI robo-fraud

A local TV station, Fox 17, and their Problem Solvers reporting, has done great work exposing a serious problem with a computerized unemployment claims processing system put in place by Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan. The Guardian has also been reporting on the issue.

Vox: A handy guide to New Year’s resolutions in the era of Trump

The general consensus on 2016 is that it was the calendar equivalent of the second Sex and the City movie: No one liked it, and no one knows why it happened.

For those who were disappointed in the election results, the past 12 months may have felt like half a liter of Drano was poured into our dejected souls, but the true test of our sanity will be in the first few days of 2017. Since there is no equivalent to an emergency contraception–type pill to get rid of the unwanted burden that is the memory of the past 365 days (although we did come up with a fake one in the video above), here are a few rules to make it through the next phase of this brave new world, in which a guy who once spelled “honor” like “boner” and briefly had a beef with the pope will be the leader of the free world.
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On Today's Electoral College Vote


A How-To Guide

Former congressional staffers wrote a practical how-to guide for getting your members of Congress to #Resist Trump.— (((A 99er))) ๐Ÿ“Ž (@HelpThe99ers) December 15, 2016

Robert Reich: Tax Experiment


Why We #Resist

The Trump Cabinet™ will do for the Federal government what Trump University has done for higher education.— (((A 99er))) ๐Ÿ“Ž (@HelpThe99ers) December 9, 2016

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