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The Deal Donald Trump Needs To Make

As President, Donald Trump is definitely not winning. His travel ban has been blocked twice. His budget died on arrival. The AHCA failed to make it to the floor of the House. Russia is still a millstone around his Administration's neck.

He needs wins in order to reset the narrative, and the two people best positioned to make that reset happen? Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

There's a moment, right now, that would reward audacious thinking: the kind of instinctual thinking and big deal-making Trump is best at.

Here's the broad outlines: in exchange for a deal on a continuing resolution, reform on the corporate tax rate, and a one-time transition tax to fund an infrastructure bill, Trump pulls the Gorsuch nomination and replaces him with Merrick Garland.

Trump would score huge wins: he'd advance his primary policy agenda, score political points by bringing both sides of the aisle together, and have his revenge on the House Freedom Caucus.

Democrats would win, too, by &q…